• REVUE - February 2013

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• Krajane.cz
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• Czech National TV-"Before Midnight"-Live interview with sculptor Alex Kveton

• Czech National TV-"Culture"-Live interview with sculptor Alex Kveton

• Czech TV-Live interview with sculptor Alex Kveton

• FLORIDA DESIGN - Vol.21 No.4

recenthappenings/floridadesign2011.jpg recenthappenings/floridadesign2011-1.jpg recenthappenings/floridadesign2011-2.jpg
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• LEGGIO PARK, Catskill, NY - public commission by CATSKILL GARDEN CLUB - November 2011

recenthappenings/winterflower-leggio1.jpg recenthappenings/winterflower_leggio.jpg recenthappenings/winterflower_leggio.jpg recenthappenings/winterflower_leggio.jpg
sculpture "WINTER FLOWER", bronze 10' tall (3m)   Alex & Barbara Kveton
- installing their sculpture
Alex in his studio work in progress

• SAUGERTIES TIMES - September 22, 2011

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• Alm@nac Weekly - August 2011

Front Page - Art & Entertainment Magazine of Hudson Valley, NY
image of sculpture "BOY", bronze

• INTERIOR + DESIGN Magazine (Russia)
- October 2010

images/interiormagazine2010-2.jpg interiormagazine2010.jpg
"Golden Logic" - an interior with Alex Kveton's sculpture (on photo right) Cover page of the magazine
relief/wallreliefss.jpg images/interiormagazine2010-2.jpg
Alex Kveton Sculptor (in his studio)
Wall Relief, stainless steel-mirror finish, 70 x 40 x 6"
"Alex Kveton's steel sculpture playing with relections..."

• INTERLOPERS - October 2010

interlopersdance1.jpg interlopersdance2.jpg
interlopersdance3.jpg interlopersdance4.jpg
Premiere of a modern dance performance inspired by Alex Kveton's Sculptures.
Choreography by Linda Diamond. Stella May Productions -click here to view a video