Bronze, the material that has been used in sculptures for Centuries, is one of our favorites.
We generally use several types of brasses and bronzes: Muntz metal, architectural brass, commercial bronze, Silicon bronze, etc. Each metal is unique in character, color and composition, which allows us to achieve very different results in textures and finishes, composing perfect art pieces.
The mirror-polished and satin finishes are accomplished through buffing and polishing techniques that are controlled with great precision.
Among most exiting and complicated are Antique and Patina finishes attained by hand applications of corrosive solutions, chemicals and coloring dyes in order to accelerate the aging of the bronze or give it deep three dimensional colors and textures. Some patinas, hot or cold, may require up to 15-20 steps of manufacturing. Since bronze products are subject to oxidation, finished pieces are coated with acrylic lacquer or wax to retard natural aging and preserve beauty of the applied finish.


Stainless Steel is a perfect material for use in fine contemporary sculptures. It is rust and corrosion resistant; does not pit, chip, peel or discolor. Stainless Steel is unsurpassed in value as it is unaffected by the elements and lasts indefinitely. Type 304 Stainless Steel, a high grade alloy, its bright luster is inherent to the material due to a composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
My sculptures created in varieties of finishes; most common are mirror-polished, satin, orbital grain and hand rub finishes. Hand rub finish can be enhanced with color dyes.We pride ourselves with polishing Stainless Steel to the highest grade of mirror-finish available anywhere. Stainless Steel can be polished without damage to the surface, to the original beauty.

In some cases, depending on the required application, we use more unusual metals, such as nickel-silver, copper, Corten steel, and high grade aluminum. Painted and powder coated finishes are available for custom projects.